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Designed by Olivia Putman, Métamorphose from THG-Paris is a study of transformation, taking takes organic forms into geometric shapes and back again. Each faucet design begins with a cylindrical piece of brass which moves to a subtle square and ends in a round shape, resulting in a fluid, contemporary and unique bath design never before translated into architectural plumbing fixtures. In addition to its graceful, unique design, Métamorphose recognizes Studio Putman’s passion for innovative materials by masterfully incorporating fine ceramic and space-tech carbon fiber traditionally used in fine jewelry and watches into its optional lever handles – a first in bath fittings. Métamorphose is offered in five exquisite designs, differentiated by the geometrically shaped solid brass knob options that are finished to match the spout. First, is a ‘round-to-square-to-round’ version knob and the four options build on this design to create lever handles: a brass insert (in an optional accent finish), a ceramic insert (black or white), or a refined carbon fiber weave inlay insert. Following the rules of natural design, Métamorphose’s angular, architectural spout also begins with a rounded form, transitions into a square or rectangular design, and finishes with a round shape where the water gently flows. The end result expands the design spectrum – creating a complete bathroom ensemble that will enhance casual modern to formal and stately environments.

About THG

Born under the instigation of 3 men, the company THG tétard-Haudiquez-Grisoni remains a subtle mix of craft know-how and passion for creativity. The meeting with the designer Jean-Claude Delépine in the 70's allowed the company to make its manufacturing evolve into luxury fittings. In 1995, under the designer proposal, THG acquired his creations.

THG controls each manufacturing step, from casting to machining, and on to polishing and assembly, through plating and varnishing, down to shipping. A rigorous quality control is carried out after each production stage. THG manufactures its own ranges and for others manufacturers.

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THG Chrome, Polished Tub Filler Product Number: G6A.1132/US.A02
THG Tub Filler G6A-1132-A02 236743
Your Price: $4,927.00
THG Tub Filler G6A-1132-A02 236743
Finish: Polished Chrome
THG Chrome, Polished Tub Filler Product Number: G6C.1132/US.A02
THG Tub Filler G6C-1132-A02 236732
Your Price: $6,175.00
THG Tub Filler G6C-1132-A02 236732
Finish: Polished Chrome